Heatstroke: Symptoms, Risks, & Care

Last summer, the TVH Team, unfortunately, faced multiple cases of heatstroke. So, this year we wanted to warn our clients early about the risks involved with heatstroke before the warmer weather begins. Please read this information in its entirety to ensure you are informed of the risks, and we invite you to please take photos … Continue reading Heatstroke: Symptoms, Risks, & Care


Are you going on vacation soon? Check out these 5 tips to make sure you’re prepared and set your pet up for a successful experience while you’re gone! HAVE A COPY OF YOUR PET’S VACCINATION CERTIFICATE AVAILABLE. A Vaccine Certificate includes a complete list of all your pet’s vaccines and each of their respective renewal … Continue reading PREPARING YOUR PET’S CARE BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR VACATION


MAKING A SURGERY PLAN Dr. Loeffler adopted her German Shepherd puppy, Dory, in Fall 2022. She recently turned 8 months old and Dr. Loeffler decided it was time to get her spayed.  The timeline for spay/neuter surgeries for puppies/kittens varies depending on the pet’s health factors and history, so it is important to discuss this … Continue reading DORY’S SPAY: TIPS FOR SURGERY SUCCESS

Telford Vet Staff Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

A Message From Our Hospital Administrator As I pause and reflect on Mental Health Awareness Month, I would be remiss to not address the proverbial elephant in the exam room.  Though our social feeds are filled with puppy kisses, kitten snuggles, and images of our staff loving on your pets, the reality is that this … Continue reading Telford Vet Staff Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

Telford Vet Virtual Hospital Tour

Thank you for taking a moment to view our facility. Below you will find pictures of our hospital. If you are interested in taking a free in-person tour, please call to schedule a time and one of our TVH Team Members will be happy to show you around the hospital. Front Entrance Handicap Accessible Parking … Continue reading Telford Vet Virtual Hospital Tour


One of our Veterinary Assistants, Heidi, recently brought her dog in for dental surgery. Once the operation began, Dr. Loeffler found a few surprises.  Maggie is a 9-year-old Black Lab Mix who Heidi adopted when she was just a puppy. As you can see in the photo below, Heidi was kind enough to give Maggie … Continue reading MAGGIE’S DENTAL: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED


While Osteoarthritis (OA) is often only considered an issue for senior pets, it can be crucial to catch the signs early and begin preventative care. This blog provides an overview of OA and an outline example of OA care from one of our Vets, Dr. Loeffler.  WHAT IS OA? According to the American Kennel Club, … Continue reading OSTEOARTHRITIS: EXAMPLE OF CARE FROM A VET

GI Upset And Bland Diets

If your pet is diagnosed with vomiting and/or diarrhea, your vet may recommend a bland diet. There are two options we suggest for a bland diet: “do-it-yourself” cooking or purchasing a bland diet prescription product.  DIY You can make a bland diet yourself at home by cooking unseasoned meat and unseasoned white rice. For the … Continue reading GI Upset And Bland Diets

Stomach Bloat In Dogs

In recent weeks, Telford Vet has helped several families handle the difficult situation of witnessing stomach bloat in their canine pets. This brought to our attention that stomach bloat is a less-common medical concern which needs to be addressed to our clients, so we put together this informational blog to help educate pet owners on … Continue reading Stomach Bloat In Dogs

The Importance Of E-Collars For Surgery Recovery Success

If your pet has recently gone through surgery, our team likely gave you an e-collar. While this may seem inconvenient for you or uncomfortable for your pet, we do provide them for very important reasons. Today we’re going to take a look into why e-collars are vital for your pet’s surgery recovery success! Many owners … Continue reading The Importance Of E-Collars For Surgery Recovery Success