Kennel Cough

Ask the vet kennel cough

We have seen a lot of kennel cough lately, most likely from people traveling/boarding their dogs, and more exposure to other dogs at daycare, family parties, and boarding facilities.

So what is “Kennel Cough?”

It is a broad term for any type of bronchitis in dogs. The actual name is Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease and can be from one of 10 different bacteria or viruses. It can be as mild as a cough to potentially very serious and lead to pneumonia. It takes about 7-10 days after exposure for a dog to show symptoms of kennel cough. The symptoms of kennel cough include dry honking cough, possible lethargy, fever, and inappetence. Most cases are mild. With the help of a cough suppressant and a short course of antibiotics, most dogs clear the infection in 1-2 weeks.

There is also a vaccine available to help prevent or lessen the severity of a kennel cough infection. The bordetella vaccine is an annual vaccine, and is as easy as just a few drops of liquid in your dog’s mouth, no needles required! If your dog is exposed to many other dogs, he/she may be at risk. Call the office or your Veterinarian to discuss if your dog should be vaccinated against kennel cough.

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