The Tully Tree Benevolent Care Fund At TVH

Tully came to us in the fall of 2017 as a young pup having difficulty controlling his legs. They kept “flopping” out from under him. After radiographs confirmed extensive hip dysplasia, his mom was faced with the challenging reality that Tully was in need of a full hip replacement.

Tully’s mom worked closely with Dr. Minninger throughout his post-surgery treatment and received supportive care, medication, and therapeutic laser therapy to help with the healing process. In gracious thanks for our daily care of Tully during his recovery, his mom generously purchased a few TVH gift cards and requested that we use them to help another family in need. This generosity was then paid forward by the recipients of the gift cards, which in turn, inspired our team to continue this positive impact in our community.

These photos were taken at one of Tully’s recent 2022 check-up appointments.
He is doing well and our team loves when he stops by for a visit!

As a result, we created The Tully Tree Benevolent Care Fund here at the hospital in Tully’s honor. A donation can be made to the fund at any visit for any amount to benefit pets and families in need. All donations received for The Tully Tree Fund will be used solely for the purpose of providing care, at the discretion of the Doctor, for pets and families who have exhausted their financial resources in emergency situations.

We hope you will join in the movement to help pay it forward, if you are able, by donating to this wonderful cause! You can give a donation either in person or over the phone. Please call our office for more information about The Tully Tree Fund. 


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