Kitten Vaccination Timeline

The following outlines an overview and timeline guide of kitten vaccinations. At Telford Veterinary Hospital, we may recommend other vaccinations or variations in schedules outside of this general list, depending on factors such as where you live, your pet’s history or pre-existing health conditions, risk levels for certain diseases, the lifestyle of your pet, and more. Please always follow your vet’s recommendation for the best care for your specific pet.


FVRCP (Feline Distemper)

  • Protection: Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, & Panleukopenia
  • First Vaccination: 6-8 weeks
  • Second Vaccination: 10-12 weeks
  • Third Vaccination: 14-16 weeks
  • Booster Vaccinations: every 12-36 months


  • Protection: Rabies Disease
  • First Vaccination: 12 weeks
  • Booster Vaccinations: every 12-36 months 


  • Protection: Feline Leukemia
  • First Vaccination: 6-8 weeks
  • Second Vaccination: 10-12 weeks
  • Booster Vaccinations: every 12 months


 6-8 Weeks

  • FeLV**

10-14 Weeks

  • Rabies*
  • FeLV**

14-17 Weeks


If you recently brought home a new puppy or kitten, you can schedule their first vet visit with us using the PetDesk app, or by contacting our office directly

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*Rabies is 100% fatal. There are no treatments currently available, and it’s contagious. Prevention is crucial. The rabies vaccination may be required annually or every 3 years, depending on the vaccine used. In the state of Pennsylvania, it is required by law for veterinarians to give all dogs and cats the Rabies vaccine continuously throughout the pet’s lifetime.

**The FeLV vaccine for Feline Leukemia is only given to cats who may have an unexpected exposure or may have been exposed to unvaccinated cats. Please ask your Vet to discuss if this vaccine is appropriate for your pet. 

While there are other vaccinations offered elsewhere, this blog only outlines those which are regularly administered by the Veterinarians at Telford Veterinary Hospital in Souderton, PA. Additionally, the information and advice provided in this blog are intended for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s health, please make an appointment with your vet. 


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