Information About UTIs & Crystals

You’ve probably heard about UTIs and crystals, but do you know what they look like? We wanted to share this microscopic image from a urinary sample we recently tested for one of our patients.

This feline not only had a UTI from the bacteria in his bladder, seen as the little circles and specks, but also had crystals, which are the larger, odd-looking shapes.

Now, if these crystals are this large at a microscopic view, imagine them being squeezed out through the very thin urethra. This is an extremely painful process for cats and dogs to go through, which is why UTIs are taken very seriously.

Crystals usually form for one of two reasons: infection or diet. This is why we often recommend prescription diets to help prevent the formation of crystals in our patients.

If this would’ve been left untreated, these crystals could eventually bond together to form stones, which inevitably cause blockages. If blockages are not caught in time, they can be fatal for some pets.

Some common symptoms of UTIs include vomiting, lack of appetite, straining to urinate, urinating less frequently than normal, or urinating outside of the litter box (cats) or in the house without making it outside in time (dogs).

If your pet exhibits any symptoms of a UTI, please call our hospital immediately. Even though UTIs are common, early treatment is still critically important. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 215 – 721 – 6989.


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