Embark Genetic Screening At TVH – Case Study #3: Aspen

Telford Vet has partnered with Embark Veterinary to provide canine DNA screening to gain valuable information regarding your dog’s genetic health and provide your veterinarian with actionable insights to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lives.

Every month we highlight a different patient who has been directly impacted by the effects of Embark screening. Today we are sharing the story of Aspen, a dog whose genetic screening resulted in the diagnosis of a potentially life-threatening disorder.

What Previous Conditions Did They Have?

When Aspen was a puppy, she underwent what was supposed to be a routine spay operation at her previous vet. After the procedure, her mom noticed excessive bruising at the incision site. Aspen was transferred to an emergency Vet for post-spay extensive medical care and eventually recovered well.

After this stressful situation, Aspen’s family was referred by a friend to Telford Vet to inquire about our genetic screening services to assist in determining the possible cause of the bruising and/or hopefully prevent any future surgical complications.

What Were The Results?

In addition to proving that Aspen was a 100% Great Swiss Mountain Dog, the results of her genetic screening also indicated that she was a carrier for a genetic-based platelet disorder that causes blood clotting.

What Outcome Would Have Happened Without The Genetic Screening?

By confirming a clotting disorder, TVH was able to increase her chances for good case management for future circumstances. Without this knowledge, there would have been a concern for excessive and potentially life-threatening bleeding from otherwise routine procedures.

What Was The Updated Treatment Plan Moving Forward?

Once the blood disorder diagnosis was determined, Aspen’s new vet at TVH was able to create a customized treatment care plan for her.

Any future surgeries, including dental procedures, will require blood products on standby in case any emergency transfusions are needed. Since it is not typical protocol at TVH to have additional blood products on standby, this means that any future operations will require relocating to an emergency hospital that is better equipped for special operations and have the necessary blood transfusion capabilities.

On our part, the TVH team can perform frequent bloodwork on Aspen to track her blood counts and monitor any developments of anemia, or the condition of low blood counts in the body. Our team also knows to approach all of Aspen’s appointments with extra caution, no matter how seemingly simple. For example, even a routine nail trim appointment is handled delicately and given extra time to ensure we perform it slowly and calmly to now risk harming her or causing any cuts that can cause an over-bleeding emergency situation.

How Are They Doing Now?

Aspen is currently stable and doing well.

Since the genetic screening process, Aspen’s family has been able to become more educated on the risks of bleeding disorders and train in the proper actions necessary in a potential emergency.

Aspen’s mom reflected on the experience: “She’s perfect now and I would highly recommend both Telford and Embark for all new puppies. I now know what is necessary to properly care for my beloved dog.”

*This case study was provided with consent from Aspen’s family.

Interested in completing a genetic screening? Visit our website for more information about the process of Embark Canine Genetic Screening at TVH and schedule your appointment today!

Have you previously completed a genetic screening for your pet? Were you confused by the results? Even if you didn’t get your dog’s genetic screening at TVH, our Vet and Genetic Specialist on staff would be happy to help you understand your results. Don’t let your results go to waste – you might have noteworthy genetic predispositions that you don’t want to let go untreated. Take advantage of the advice our team has to offer. Give us a call today to schedule a time to go over your dog’s genetic results with us!


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