Feline Care Tips For Vet Visits

Traveling to the vet is often more stressful for our feline companions since they tend to not leave the house as often as dogs do. As a Fear Free Certified Practice, we try our best to keep our cat patients’ wants and needs at the top of our priority list. In addition to our efforts, there are also things you can do to prepare for your vet visit. Check out this blog for a list of proactive actions you can take to prepare for appointments and help keep your kitty more comfortable at the vet.


We ask all of our cat parents to please have their cats in a secure carrier when they bring felines into the hospital. Cats that are in laps or owners’ arms can escape very quickly if startled. Please recognize that there may be other patients in the hospital who may not know there is a loose cat waiting nearby. Our goal is to keep everyone as safe and comfortable as possible.

We encourage owners to keep their carriers out more often at home so they can grow accustomed to seeing them, as opposed to only before stressful travel times.

For our more nervous patients, allowing them to stay in their carriers can be comforting. We encourage owners to purchase a hard carrier with a top that can easily be removed, or have one that can be unzipped, such as the one in the picture below. Easy access allows our clinical staff to perform examinations while the cat can remain seated in the carrier.


You can bring some of your cat’s favorite items with them. In the picture below, Miles’ mom made sure to bring his blanket from home for a familiar scent and some of his favorite treats.

For the cats who enjoy being groomed, we recommend bringing along their brush and spending some time brushing them while waiting for the staff to come into the exam rooms.


When you arrive for your appointment, one of our reception team members will greet you with a calming aid to help your pet stay relaxed during their visit. We use “Feliway” pheromone calming aid on blankets to be placed over cat carriers. All blankets are thoroughly washed after each use and then resprayed before another use. We re-spray several times throughout the day to ensure the calming aid benefits are effective for all appointments. We ask all our patients to use one of these blankets during their visit. Additionally, we use a pheromone diffuser in our waiting room and throughout the hospital to maintain a calm environment. Last but not least, we play pet-specific, scientifically-proven calming music throughout the hospital.


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