Embark Genetic Screening At TVH – Case Study #4: Tesla

Telford Vet has partnered with Embark Veterinary to provide canine DNA screening to gain valuable information regarding your dog’s genetic health and provide your veterinarian with actionable insights to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lives.

Every month we highlight a different patient who has been directly impacted by the effects of Embark screening . Today we are sharing the story of Tesla, a puppy whose results altered her family’s care plan.

What Previous Conditions Did They Have?

When Tesla first came to TVH as a new patient, she was a young puppy whose family was expecting to raise her to be a breeding female.

What Were The Results?

When Tesla’s Embark results were returned to the TVH team we discovered that in addition to being 100% Greater Swiss Mountain Dog she had a genetic predisposition to a condition known as hyperuricosuria and hyperuricemia or urolithiasis (HUU).

What Outcome Would Have Happened Without The Screening?

If Tesla had not received an Embark screening, she would have developed frequent urate stones in the kidney or bladder as early as 3-5 years of age, which can cause multiple medical concerns.

What Was The Updated Treatment Plan Moving Forward?

Now that we knew Tesla’s likelihood of developing HUU, we were able to create a personalized treatment plan for her family moving forward.

For starters, her family would need to be more cautious with the breeding process and confirm all genetics on males prior to breeding so Tesla’s future puppies would not be at risk for developing urinary bladder stones.

Tesla would also require a strict diet protocol in order to limit her HUU risks and remain as healthy as possible for her breeding years. Dr. Minninger also recommended her family consider meeting with a veterinary nutritionist to create a custom diet plan specific to her condition.

Additionally, the TVH team performs a complete urinalysis once or twice a year to track any symptoms or signs of HUU as she continues to grow.

How Are They Doing Now?

Tesla is growing up to be a normal and healthy adult female completing regular heat cycles. Her family has maintained a healthy diet plan and routine urine testing.

The TVH Team is excited to watch Tesla continue to grow up and possibly breed some adorable healthy puppies of her own! We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue providing her Veterinary care moving forward.

*This case study and the attached photos were provided with consent from Tesla’s family.

Interested in completing a genetic screening? Visit our website for more information about the process of Embark Canine Genetic Screening at TVH and schedule your appointment today!

Have you previously completed a genetic screening for your pet? Were you confused by the results? Even if you didn’t get your dog’s genetic screening at TVH, our Vet and Genetic Specialist on staff would be happy to help you understand your results. Don’t let your results go to waste – you might have noteworthy genetic predispositions that you don’t want to let go untreated. Take advantage of the advice our team has to offer. Give us a call today to schedule a time to go over your dog’s genetic results with us!


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