Check out these New Year’s Resolutions that our team came up with as tips on how you can prepare for a year of pet-care success! 


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Set reminders in the PetDesk app for refills on medications and/or food orders, and make sure they are set to repeat for the appropriate duration.

For example, if your pet needs more medication or food every month, set a reminder for every 3 weeks so you’re able to request a refill with plenty of notice for our team.

Please note our continued policy for 2023 is that all refill requests, both written scripts and physical medications, require 24 – 48 hours for completion. We ask you to please join our other clients in respecting this policy, and waiting for our communication that your refill is ready before arriving at the hospital to pick it up. 


Make sure you know what month your pet’s annual exam is due. You can schedule the annual visit now by either calling the office or utilizing the PetDesk app appointment request feature. If you’re not ready to schedule that far in advance, then we suggest setting a reminder in the PetDesk app on the first of that month to get your visit scheduled. 


The last thing any of us want is for your vacations to get sidelined or delayed. 

At this time, Telford Vet is not providing boarding services. If this policy changes, we will update our clients via our social media. If you are in need of pet care services while you’re traveling, our clients typically use the following locations:

While our team members have not personally used these facilities for our pets, several of our clients have been satisfied with their services.

Additionally, we suggest you check with your provider well in advance to book their services and confirm their requirements before calling our office to schedule any required vaccinations. Our office does not keep track of which vaccinations are required by which kennel or pet sitter as it often varies. Most vaccinations should be completed at least 2 weeks prior to potential exposure at boarding facilities. However, some vaccines are not considered complete in the pet’s system until they are boosted, which needs to occur 2-4 weeks after the initial dose. Please check with our team to make sure your pet’s vaccinations are given appropriately in advance of your departure. 


We highly recommend pet owners maintain dosing of heartworm, flea, & tick preventatives (i.e. Heartguard, Nexguard, Simparica Trio, Frontline, etc.) year-round to ensure your pet is never unprotected when the warmer days catch us by surprise during PA’s lovely unpredictable weather. Even a few days of higher temperatures can cause the return of these pests and pose a risk to your pet’s health.

However, if you choose to only give preventatives during the warmer seasons and skip it during the winter months, we wish to remind you that your prescriptions may still expire whether you’re purchasing the product or not. We don’t want you to get stuck when the springtime arrives and you’re unable to receive a new prescription. In order to get a refill, all pets need to stay up to date on both their wellness exam and diagnostic testing. So, even if you are not using preventatives, please still be mindful of when your prescriptions expire and when your pet is due for testing. 


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