Dog-Friendly Summertime Activities

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer which can only mean one thing, summer is almost here! As you begin making your summer plans consider planning some fun new activities to try with your favorite furry friend.


Go For a Hike

There are so many great hiking trails just waiting for you to check them out, so why not leash up your pup and head out for a hike! Bonus: it’s great exercise and a fun way for you to bond together. Check out for some great tips on hiking with your dog.

Check out a Dog Park

Most cities and towns have a dog park nearby, find out where your local one is and plan a visit this summer. Dog parks can be a great place for both you and your dog to make some new friends, but check out this article on dog park etiquette and safety before you go.

Browse a Local Farmers Market

Your local farmer’s market can be a great way to meet some of your local farmers and other vendors, as well as stock up on locally grown produce. This can also be a great place to walk around with your dog to socialize them with other people and dogs; as an added bonus sometimes there are vendors selling homemade dog treats, toys, etc.

Participate in a 5k

Throughout the summer many charities hold 5k fundraisers, this can be a great way to help you and your dog get in shape while helping a good cause. Find a cause you believe in, sign up, and start training. You can even decide if you want to run it or walk it. For added fun, get a friend and their dog to join you!

Make your own Doggy Ice Cream

Ice cream is a favorite summer treat for humans, and there are many ways to make it dog friendly. Check out one of these recipes and give your dog a new favorite summer treat!

Visit a Dog Beach

Some beaches are dog friendly, so find one close to you, pick a day, and plan a beach trip with your pup! Read here about how to safely take your dog to the beach.


Try a Dog Sport

The summer can be a great time to try out a dog sport or take an obedience class with your dog, especially since it’s warmer which makes it easier to practice outside. Lookup where your closest dog gym is and sign up to try a class today. Bonus tip: try to pick a sport you think both you and your dog will enjoy.

Set a Running or Walking Goal

Since the weather is nicer in the summer, try setting a daily or weekly walking goal. Track your progress using the Wooftrax app and they will donate to an animal rescue you choose based on the distance you walk. Your pet and the rescue will thank you!


Here is a list of a few more ideas with links to websites to learn more!

1. Dog-friendly days at Elmwood Park Zoo
2. “Bring Your Dog To The Game” nights with the Reading Phillies
3. Local Dog Parks in Montgomery County


There are so many fun activities to try in the summer with your dog. What are your favorite summer activities to do with your dog and what new things will you try this summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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