A Message From Megan About Senior Pet Month

In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month, our Clinical Care Manager, Megan, wanted to share a story about her senior pet, Dusty.

One day a very caring client called and asked if she could drop off a senior dachshund for medical treatment. The 13-year-old dachshund was involved in an unfortunate neglect care situation and needed attention right away.

After making sure he was in stable condition when arriving at TVH, the client was unable to keep him and asked if we could find a good home for him. Megan was mostly in charge of his care from the time he arrived at the hospital. After the doctors performed a full exam, he was found to have liver abnormalities, severe arthritis, and a back injury that prevented him from being able to walk normally. After a good haircut, pain medication, antibiotics, and multiple baths to get rid of the flea infestation, Dusty started to improve. His sweet personality started to shine through more and more with all the love and attention he received.

The team did not want to leave him alone over the weekend, so Megan decided to take him home, thinking it was just for the weekend. Let’s just say Dusty found his home – and is still there 3 years later. His French Bulldog sister, Finley, and feline, Miles, joyfully welcomed Dusty to the family and have loved him ever since. Megan and her family enjoy taking Dusty to the mountains, beaches, and lots of road trips. Dusty had a few close calls this past year health-wise, but thankfully, was able to recently celebrate his 16th birthday. Megan is so thankful and blessed to still have more time with him.

Megan wanted to stress to everyone that age is not a disease! Senior pets are incredible and still have so much to offer. Even though Dusty was in bad shape when he was brought to Telford Vet, he has since been able to live a happy and healthy life thanks to a loving home and dedicated medical care. He has added so much joy and laughter to Megan’s life, and she can’t imagine not having him! Megan’s goal one day is to work closely with a senior hospice rescue to help give this special generation of pets a loving home to spend their last days.

From all of us here at Telford Vet, we’d like to invite you to please consider adopting a senior pet or donating to local senior pet rescues, such as the City of Elderly Love which is based in Skippack and serves the Greater Philadelphia Area.


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